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Condition dependence of phenotypic integration and the evolvability of genitalic traits in a neriid fly.

The spectacular diversity of insect male genitalia, and their relative insensitivity to the environment, have long puzzled evolutionary …

Parental breeding age effects on descendants' longevity interact over 2 generations in matrilines and patrilines

Breeding age negatively influences offspring lifespan and ageing over two generations in both patrilines and matrilines.

Perceived dominance status affects chemical signalling in the neriid fly.

Chemical communication mediates many social interactions in insects but is still less well understood than other forms of …

Effects of condition and sperm competition risk on sperm allocation and storage in neriid flies.

Ejaculate traits can be sexually selected and often exhibit heightened condition-dependence. However, the influence of sperm …

Ontogenetic timing as a condition-dependent life history trait: High-condition males develop quickly, peak early, and age fast.

Within‐population variation in ageing remains poorly understood. In males, condition‐dependent investment in secondary sexual traits …